Another resource I offer to parents is D.I.Y! Follow the links to go the page of the project! :) Happy crafting!

 Hip Snappy Nappy! This is a pattern I developed for parents who want want to get crafty and make their own! There are so many to choose from around the net, mine is just one! It's a side snapping pattern and is One Size!-Click here to go to blog post- This is a free pattern, free to sell from, but before you sell please test it out to make sure, fit, fabric combos are perfect! 

Make your own Wool Dryer Balls- What are wool dryer balls for? For tossing in  your dryer to make things dry 30% faster! Wool is one amazing fiber! It's absorbent & water resistant all in once! Find out more about making your own wool dryer balls! 

Make your own recycled prefold! using your old pillowcases  towels, tshirts, or anything absorbent! Don't throw this stuff out, use it! Click here for tutorial!

I also off some great kids patterns that you can buy! The are digital PDF format!

*Fancy Cloth Longies (make great pants, and diaper covers Also comes with non diapered child pattern)

*Fancy Cloth Gauchos ( Another great style of pants for use as a diaper cover, also comes with non diapered child pattern.

*The Ellie Apron- An adorable pattern for a childs apron! Available in 3 sizes, doll, toddlers, and bid kid!

*Swim Snappy Nappy- Finally, a swim diaper pattern you can make your self!

Don't forget to join our online sewing group! Listed on the hip snappy nappy page! :)