Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be caused by a number of things most common are wetness, chaffing, new foods or infection (yeast). Time to reach for that diaper rash cream, but which one? Most commercial diaper creams are not cloth diaper safe, they contain certain ingredients  such as cod liver oil, waxes, and paraffin. These ingredients will create build up on the fibers of the diapers which will cause repelling (leaking). You might even get an unpleasant odor, after buildup has occurred. Luckily there are a couple of options AND cloth diaper safe cream available! You can even use some things that you might have in you own home!

Fancy Cloth Baby has created a new body line under their sister label Soapbox Holistics.
Introducing Baby Bum Balm! 

An all natural, freshly made ointment, that is cloth diaper safe, free of chemicals and preservatives! 
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Baby Wipe Serum

Use this handy spray or add to your wipe warmer during diaper for diaper changes.! Our unique formula contains the moisturizing benefits jojoba oil, olive, virgin coconut oil create this awesome cleansing, soothing solution! Our oils are solar infused with calendula, lavender and chamomile which offer so many skin benefits as well. A couple drops of tea tree oil act as a natural antiseptic. Each ingredient is chosen to heal, protect & soothe! 

Spray on babies bum and wipe away with a cloth wipe to clean on just leave on to moisturize and refresh! :) Perfect for moms and dads too! After shaving or as a nourishing mist! Even soothes insect bites & minor irritations! Available in concentrate (to make your own) or premixed spray bottle!

  • If you have commercial diaper cream on hand or an antibiotic cream your doctor has prescribed for your little one with yeast, your best options is to add a liner to your diaper. A liner is anything that will protect the diaper for example, an old cut up t-shirt, cloth wipe, wash cloth or disposable liners. For prefolds, Fancy Cloth Baby offers the "Stay Dry Snap Pouch" . Rinse off the ointment from liners before washing with your cloth diapers!