Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FancyCloth -prefold cloth diaper tutorial

An Absorbent, multi purpose, prefold tutorial by FancyCloth
A prefold is a rectangle shape with an absorbent soaker in the middle.  A waterproof cover must be used over it. It can be folded in a variety of ways as well. Mine is best tri folded and laid in a cover. I have a Cover pattern kit to purchase (SUPPLIES(fabric) included @ Etsy dot com)
Diaper Fabric: Anything that is close to 100% cotton (no more than 20% poly). Recycling old things around the house is one of the best ways to get these supplies, flannel receiving blankets, big old cotton t shirts, sweatshirts, sheets, terry towels. I found a cute cotton flannel pillow case and an old white towel. The towel was super thick too.

FYI, If you have a some micro-fleece that will act as a stay dry fabric against babies skin not an absorbent.
For this diaper you  will need (atleast) 2 cuts of outer fabric 13” X 16”
(1/2 seam allowance was included)
For my absorbent soaker middle you will need 1-4 cuts 4” X 16”
(if using all cotton jerey knit use 6 layers for the soaker)

(I was using the towel for my soaker which was super thick I only needed 1 layer, for instance if you were using a jersey knit or the cotton flannel (like my pillow case), I would cut 3 to 4 or even 6 and sew together.
Pairing a thinner terry and cotton jersey is a great combo. The jersey helps spread the liquid and the terry soaks it all up.
Moving along
Sew or serge your soaker layers together to as close to the edge as you feel comfortable, there is no turning in, sew all the way around to a close. Now it’s time to sew your pre fold together.
First lay your two larger rectangle pieces right sides together, now place soaker pad directly on top centered in the middle. (I usually just eye where the middle is and do a quick check with my ruler and
make sure everything measures up even on both sides) detail is important in sewing if you want a nice outcome!
-Pin together all of the pieces around the diaper and in the middle where soaker is. You don’t need a million pins, just a couple to keep nice and secure.

-Sew around entire diaper leaving a 3 inch opening on the side…as shown

Turn right side out and smooth out

You are almost done, seriously. This is probably the most detailed part, top stitching the hidden soaker to secure it in and around the diaper for a nice finish.
Feel for the soaker and pin from top to bottom in places to give you an idea where the edges of the soaker are. Once you get over to the sewing machine it is a piece of cake to see where the edge of the soaker is because it bulges up from the fabric. Carefully top stitch the edge of the soaker. Using a zig zag stitch gives you a lot more security for makign sure you don''t miss any of the  soaker. 

After Top stitching on either side of soaker as shown (this keeps soaker securely in prefold, if you didn’t sew it at all it would just end up bunching up and twisting since it only sewed on two sides at the moment) Fold and tuck the raw edges of the opening in to the diaper as shown and secure with a pin if need be (I did not use a pin because I am comfortable enough not to, if you are too, then go for it) Sew the opening closed,  starting somewhere in between the edge and where the seam allowance is. (You want to make sure you catch your fabric and close off that opening neatly is all.

I used a zig zag stitch, this makes for a great decorative touch and also gives you a less of chance to miss any fabric while sewing your opening shut, especially if this is your first project or something like that.
You can stop there or continue around the whole diaper. In my opinion you should go around the whole diaper, this top stitch is decorative BUT also serves a purpose of keeping your prefold durable and stay nice wash after wash.

The two prefolds all folded up ready for my new baby in January 2011!

Besides being a way to diaper, these will make great gifts for friends excpecting, even if they aren’t cloth diapering every mama needs one of these in her diaper bag either way! Burp clothes, changing pad for on the go, wipe up baby messes while out. BRILLIANT!
If using this prefold as a diaper fold into thirds lay into water proof cover and you are set to go. I have used this method with my heavy wetting active two year old and it is great way to cloth diaper!
Again, if you need a water proof cover, I have a kit for sale on my etsy shop.
Pattern and supplies included. Enough to make ONE large or 2 smalls or mediums.



  1. Those look very nice! Great tutorial! Simple prefolds are so cute and versatile.

  2. that fabric ended up being so awesome, I used one for my 2 year old at night time and was great!

  3. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!