Monday, March 4, 2013

How to make your own wool dryer balls!

With just a few supplies and easy steps you can make your own all natural wool dryer balls! Read on to find out about these amazing pretty little things!

These felted yarn balls take place of dryer sheets! 

  • They do a great job softening up your cloth diapers and clothes!
  • Absorbs excess water in dryer
  • Anti-microbial
  • Cut down on drying time and static. 
  • All natural and green choice for laundry
  • Save money and time! 
  • Re-use for years!
Now onto the tutorial!

SUPPLIES for this project include
  • Package of 100% wool yarn. (make sure to check label and it says 100% wool, my package made three dryer balls)
  • Knee high nylon, socks, or pantyhose
  • Scissors
  • Scrap yarn that is NOT wool 
  • Crochet needle (optional)
  • Essential Oils for scents (optional)
  • Washer/Dryer

  • Start by wrapping yarn around your finger to about 1/2" in width

  • Pull away from fingers and wrap yarn the opposite way to create something that looks like this: sorta looks like a bow to me!

Continue wrapping ....

Go back and forth between each will start to get momentum and the core of your dryer ball will start to form. Make sure you are wrapping tightly!

  • This dryer ball looks ready for the first felting, It half the size of a tennis ball
  • BUT first you need to tuck away that loose strand of yarn to secure it.

  • To secure I used a knitting needle so push CAN use your fingers just s easily to secure that loose end! Whatever is more convenient!

I made three of these balls with my one package of yarn!
  • Place your dryer balls in your nylon or sock one at a with non wool yarn, rubber band..etc you really do not need the can always knot it but you will need to un-knot after the first felting.
  • Toss your secured nylon with yarn ball into a washing machine for a wash/rinse cycle with HOT wash COLD rinse! :)
  • After wash cycle, toss into a DRYER cycle

DING! Washing and Drying time is up!!
  • (If you want to add scent, I added some essential oil during this step and  then put the remainder yarn on)

  • Add the rest of your yarn to make almost twice the size!
  • Repeat the felting step one more time with your nylon sock!

And here they are, ready to get to work!!

Happy Felting!

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