Sunday, May 29, 2011


..A fancy cloth baby  wool cover

Well, If you want to use the most natural choice...wool covers ARE the most natural way to keep your baby dry effeciently.

Everything from  upcycled wool sweaters, hand knitted soakers and longies to merino wool covers that snap. It may seem pricey at first BUT all cloth diapering is initial investment and what wool does is pretty worth it.

Wool offers
-breathability for keeping away diaper rash, maintaining normal body temperature that correlates with the outside temp.
-water resistance
-absorbs moisture
(yes it is both resistant and able to absorb..told ya it was amazing)
-less washing and more reusing

Wool does not haveto be washed UNLESS it gets SOILED or stained. Wool is naturally anti bacterial and should not be lanolized too often. Read Instructions on wool washes before use.
Always follow the manufactuers directions on care label of cover too!! (Has it been already lanolized? Is it machine washable? )

-Use WARM water (hand washing or machine wash on gentle)
-Add wool wash
-Soak 30-60 mins
-GENTLY squeeze out water and transfer to towel
-Lay cover in between two towels roll up and press firmly to remove excess moisture
-Lay wool flat to dry. In some conditions, it can take up to 2 full days to dry !

-Do NOT dry your wool in the dryer unless you want it to shrink or felt
-Do NOT use COLD water
-Do NOT twist or wring out excess water.
-Do NOT Over Lanolize (ie using a wool wash with lanoline when not necc.)

++Most covers can handle gentle cycle on a machine and then laid flat to dry. If you hand wash, grab a bath towel, roll it up to get out any excess moisture, lay flat to dry.
++Felted wool covers can hold in moisture better.
++Easy and natural diaper system


You will need to lanolize your wool covers. The lanoline is natural oil that repells moisture. It will keep your cover dry AND offers it's anti-bacterial properties alogn with it . This lanoline stuff ..ALSO keeps the smell of urine NEUTRALIZED! Lanolizing is pretty simple.

-You wont' need to lanolize often becuase lanoline is present in the wool itself. When it stops repelling, and/or starts to smell is a good clue it needs to be lanolized
-Too much lanoline will cause a sticky STICKY mess.

WHAT DID I TELL YOU? Amazing. Use this guide for your wool especially if you have purchased a wool cover fromme. This is just a guide, not the end all be all though!! :)

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