Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pocket Diapers with hemp inserts!

Pocket Diapers are a great style of washable reusable cloth diaper. They wick moisture from sensitive skin, so your baby feels dry. The waterproof shell is lined with super soft polyester suede cloth. Inside are removable hemp organic absorbent inserts. The inserts easily be removed with out touching wet inserts bu flipping up pocket opening and shaking out into diaper pail. Comes with your choice hook & loop or snap closures.  This style is great for naps or long periods of time like a road trips! One Size let's you use from birth to potty training!

Your pocket diaper comes in a variety of fabrics too! Polyester fleece outer to offer water resistant breathable protection. Our fleece versions are great for super sensitive skin. The other variation is made from a breathable polyester with a waterproof film to trap moisture. Completely waterproof!!

Whats Inside?? Stuffing your cover requires you to flip up sham pocket opening (shown in purple)  and stuffing in inserts of choice. Our Pocket diapers comes with TWO hemp organic inserts. Having this pocket lets you add as much absorbent as your baby needs!
Over stuffing could cause gaps which lead to leaks.
To see more info on pocket diapers visit our styles of cloth diaper page!

Happy Cloth Diapering!!

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