Monday, September 5, 2011

How much does it cost to cloth diaper?

Cost Comparison of Fancy Cloth Baby VS Disposable
Cloth was estimated average of 18 diapers with each stage/size we offer using Fancy Cloth Baby!

AI2 OS ($395) and NB ($237)for a grand total of $682

Fitteds and Covers Grand Total was $778.45 with NB and One Size

2 dozen prefolds and 6 OS covers and 6 NB covers will cost 319.40  

Disposables Average about $$$800 PER YEAR/PER CHILD..The chart is showing the cost over a 2 and ½ year span. The cost will rise and rise until your child is potty trained or have more children with a grand total of $1875 dollars NOT INCLUDING the $158 for disposable wipes each child per year.

A Mixed Stash of 18 One Size and 18 XS/S Fancy Cloth Baby will cost you an average of  $680 from birth to potty training. That is less than you would spend in ONE year on disposables! Yep!

With Fancy Cloth you have the option of just using One Size or One Size and XS/S! Using XS/S stage saves you money and has the perfect fit for you little one which makes Cloth Diapering an instant success from the beginning.
 There are many factors that can decide how many and what to get! Done with Xs/S diapers…Resell your NB diapers; get any additional items you may want and put the rest away in your little one’s piggy bank!

Other things you may need with Cloth diapering Include

++Detergent/Energy Source/Water Cost costs an average .93 cents per load using your own facility. $178 per year

++Pail for Dirty Diapers

++Wet Bags

++/Doubler Boosts for those with heavy wetters at night ($12 for 3 pack)

++Cloth Diaper safe diaper cream or stay dry liners to protect from diaper creams or antibiotic creams.

++Diaper Sprayer

+Wipe Warmer (to store cloth wipes)

+Cloth Wipes


Cloth Diapers are an investment and unlike disposable diapers you can resell them and use them through multiple children!!! If it’s not cloth it’s garbage!




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  1. I'm glad that you mentioned re-sell value...when I sold my daughter's used WAHM-made diapers, I could not believe how much money I got back! The return on the big-name brands was surprisingly not as much as the WAHM diapers, but still pretty good. I have yet to find anyone willing to buy used disposable diapers, haha.