Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cost of Cloth diapering and Disposable Diapering

I often hear the question, "Why does cloth diapering seem so exspensive, I thought it was supposed to save you money?" This was my initial question when I decided I wanted to cloth diaper. I chose a system of prefolds and all in ones. I use the budget friendly and convience of both. It makes my life easiest as a parent!

Onto the good stuff...

Cloth diapering IS an initial investment for sure but price can depend on which syetem you want. There are many options to choose from.

I have compared all types of diapering systems, including disposable and I was sure not forget to include cost of wipes as well. Please use my chart for a quick average reference and please read below what my
calculation were based on!

What this chart is based upon
*This chart represents the Average cost of each kind of diaper; cloth pre folds, pocket with inserts, all in ones and disposable over 3 years. Most children are potty trained by then but may need something for naps or night time still. I have also added the difference in prices of cloth wipes and disposable wipes.
*Based on the average of high end to low end costs of each product, using an average stash size to laundering every other day.  These prices are based on brand new cloth diapers.
*OS and sized systems are on this chart to be more specific. Most OS diapers are not going to fit on your newborn less than 10lbs and you may have to choose an alternative for the first 3 months. You can find NB size pre folds or all in ones.
*The price for disposable is diapering just one child.
 *If done properly you can cloth diaper 2 children with a minimum stash of 24-36
*Cloth diapers can be used for future children or when you are done they can be sold to someone in need of cloth diapers.
*When cloth diapering keep in mind of water, detergent usage in the home or Laundromats! Use this for your budget. Exclusively, using flushable eco friendly alternatives use up to 90 gallon per week!

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